2018 Social Events Calendar

March 31st 1pm 🐰 Easter Egg Hunt
April 21st 1pm to 4pm 🌱 Spring Work Party
May 5th Noon to 8pm 😎 First Day Pool Open
May 5th 4pm to 6pm 🌵 Fiesta Happy Hour
May 19th Sunset 🎬 Movie Night
May 25th 6pm to 8pm 🎾 Friday Round Robin
June 7th 3pm to 5pm 🎓 End of School Party
June 22nd 6pm to 8pm 🎾 Friday Round Robin
July 4th Noon to 4pm 🎇 Annual 4th of July Potluck
July 21st Sunset 🎬 Movie Night
July 27th 6pm to 8pm 🎾 Friday Round Robin
August 18th 5pm to 9pm 🏫 End of Summer Party
August 24th 6pm to 8pm 🎾 Friday Round Robin
September 28th 6pm to 8pm 🎾 Friday Round Robin Potluck
October 7th Noon to 8pm 😢 Last Day Pool Open
October 20th 1pm 🍂 Fall Work Party


Frequently Asked Questions

Who determines which parties are held each year?
The Social Director does with input from the board and from past events.

Can a member suggest a Social Party idea to the Social Director?
Yes, feel free to pass your ideas to the Social Director.

Do members help with the Social Parties?
Yes, we can’t do these events without your help. Contact the Social Director to sign up.

Do some people get relived of gate duties for helping with a party?
Yes, you can but you must check with the Social Director to find out what you need to do in order to get this.